Nintendo Switch Pro: what we want to see from a new Switch console

Feb 23, 2020

Rumors have been circling for a while now that a Nintendo Switch Pro is in the works. However, contrary to belief, a Switch Pro certainly won't be releasing this year as Nintendo has officially confirmed that a new Switch isn't coming in 2020.

But that's not to say we won't see a new Nintendo Switch in the future.

While we technically seen two new Switch devices release in 2019 - the Switch with longer battery and the handheld Nintendo Switch Lite - we're still expecting Nintendo to have another, more premium, Switch up its sleeve. 

This new Switch (or Switch Pro) would boast upgraded hardware in comparison to the original Nintendo Switch, potentially offering better graphics and processing power, among other improved features - although it's been suggested this upgrade won't be as extensive as we'd like to see.

With Nintendo not even confirming the existence of a Switch Pro, and the company ruling out a 2020 release for any new Switch, when would be a likely release window? And, if the rumors are true, what features would this new Switch likely offer? While we wait for more definitive answers, let's run through the likely (and unlikely) possibilities below.